CMC mural honors state’s beauty

A nearly completed California Men’s Colony (CMC) mural project exemplifies the nature of living in a non-designated programming facility (NDPF).

CMC Facility B is just such a facility. In the Level III NDPF, incarcerated participants are expected to live and work harmoniously, regardless of previous affiliations and convictions.

This harmony has been memorialized through a detailed, hand-painted mural paying tribute to California’s wonders, landmarks and creativity. The large CMC Facility B mural measures 20 feet wide and 15 feet tall. The mural serves as a reminder of California’s diversity and unity.

The mural has hidden gems throughout. Dory and Nemo may be easy to find, but Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Monopoly, a selfie-taking roller-skater, Gollum from “Lord of the Rings” and other clandestine creations are strategically placed throughout the art.

The Facility B artists represent NDPF programming at its best. They serve as examples of the benefits of NDPF programming.

Correctional Lt. B. Escobedo and Sgt. D. Irwin, proponents of the mural’s creation, have witnessed its unifying and therapeutic effect on the population. Many have assisted with the mural. Aside from the artists benefiting from the work, others can be seen sitting at nearby tables peacefully watching the artists.

The teamwork and periods of tranquility brought about by this project are evidence of rehabilitation.

Final touch-ups are in progress, as artists intend to add a few more hidden gems.

By Lt. John Hill, AA/PIO
California Men’s Colony

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