Community Involvement

Pleasant Valley prison donates $13k to charities

Incarcerated raise money for children’s charities

Warden (A) Ron Godwin and Chief Deputy Warden (A) Maria Faulkner challenged Pleasant Valley State Prison to raise money for children’s charities. The incarcerated population rose to the challenge through four weeks of food sale fundraisers. By the end, $13,219 was raised for three local charities.

Community Resources Manager Jeanette Bragg and her staff helped the incarcerated population with their efforts.

Funding youth programs

Receiving $7,219, the Coalinga-Huron Recreation & Park District was the fundraiser’s largest recipient. While the pandemic may have closed summer programs, funds will help fund future youth activities.

“Funds from PVSP help provide the youth of our communities with a life enriching experience at Camp Yeager,” said interim General Manager Tyler Hensley.

Located on the Central Coast in Cambria, Camp Yeager provides local children with a weeks-long camping experience, outdoor excursions and fun with fellow campers.

The National Night Out in Coalinga was the second recipient of the fundraiser, receiving $5,000.

Timed just before the start of the school year, the event in the center of town allowed the participants to interact with first responders while also getting ready for school.

“The $5,000 donation we received to purchase school supplies for Coalinga students was the largest of all of our donations for the event,” said Marissa Trejo, City Manager. “We successfully handed out 384 backpacks and sets of school supplies, including reusable face masks and refillable water bottles. PVSP always comes through for the community and I appreciate it more than I will ever be able to express”.

The final donation went to the Arsenal Soccer Team in the amount of $1,000. The boys’ youth competitive soccer team in Lemoore, is coached in part by PVSP’s Assistant Principal Melchor Albarran. He’s been active with the team for several years. In fact, “Coach Mel” is well known by staff for his dedication to youth soccer. He said the funds will be used to help with uniform costs, team expenses and assist families who have difficulty paying registration fees.

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Submitted by Lt. Michelle Wilson and CRM Jeanette Bragg