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Spotlight: CDCR Research Oversight Committee

The Research Oversight Committee (ROC) process provides a standardized and comprehensive approach for selecting and overseeing all CDCR research projects. The Division of Correctional Policy Research and Internal Oversight (CPRIO) facilitates the ROC process.

The ROC process emphasizes a diverse approach with all CDCR Divisions and Offices represented by voting cabinet-level executives. The process provides an open and continuous application submission opportunity for individual researchers and research institutions.

Why is CDCR interested in research?

CDCR is interested in research because our Department provides education, treatment, and rehabilitative programs to individuals in our care. CDCR is invested in building knowledge, enhancing service quality, improving and expanding program service delivery, and developing robust evidence-based practices through research.

What type of research is CDCR interested in?

CDCR is interested in conducting research and evaluations to improve program outcomes, processes, and cost effectiveness. Outcome-focused evaluations measure the effects of programs, while process evaluations measure whether program activities are implemented as planned. Cost effective research helps CDCR examine the benefits vs. costs of programs. CDCR is also interested in pilot studies to examine if new program activities are feasible and effective.

Who can conduct research with CDCR?

CDCR receives research applications from individuals who conduct research in accordance with federal and state regulations. CDCR’s divisions and programs often partner with researchers to evaluate their programs. Applicants include research organizations (profit, non-profit) such as universities, colleges, and independent researchers. CDCR also receives many research applications from graduate students with an academic supervisor who oversees and guides student research projects.

Is there an entity to manage research activities in CDCR?

Yes, CDCR established a Research Oversight Committee (ROC) responsible for reviewing, approving, and overseeing research applications submitted to CDCR. The Research Oversight Committee Administration Team (ROCAT), in the Office of Research, is responsible for receiving and reviewing all external research applications. They then present these applications with recommendations to the ROC. The team also communicates ROC decisions to research applicants.

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