Office of Research

The Office of Research is responsible for producing a variety of reports, including projections of the adult, parole, and juvenile populations; statistical summaries of CDCR’s populations and recidivism reporting. The Office of Research also facilitates external research requests and provides research-based information and data to CDCR administrators and correctional stakeholders.

Offender Population

The Office of Research provides weekly and monthly institution population reports and projects the adult, parole, and juvenile population in Spring and Fall of each year.

Offender Outcomes
and Characteristics

The Office of Research provides statistical summaries and evaluations related to the demographics, characteristics and outcomes (recidivism) of CDCR offenders.

Requests to Conduct Research with CDCR

The Research Oversight Committee (ROC) process provides a standardized and comprehensive approach for selecting and overseeing all CDCR research projects.  The Division of Correctional Policy Research and Internal Oversight facilitates the ROC process.