Research Requests

Guidance to those seeking to conduct research with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is provided in two primary documents: Guidelines for Submitting CDCR Research Applications and the Research Application Form. It is mandatory that all documentation be submitted to

The Research Oversight Committee (ROC) process provides a standardized and comprehensive approach for selecting and overseeing all CDCR research projects.  The Division of Correctional Policy Research and Internal Oversight facilitates the ROC process. The ROC process emphasizes a diverse approach with all CDCR Divisions and Offices represented by voting cabinet-level executives. The process provides an open continuous application submission opportunity for all individual researchers and research institutions.

The ROC reviews research applications during monthly scheduled meetings. The committee may approve, conditionally approve, continue, or deny any application on this initial review. An application is continued if more work is required before the application can be considered by the committee. If an application is conditionally approved, the applicant will be notified of the specific problem(s) with the application and the modification(s) that are required for approval of the application. If an application is approved by the committee, the applicant must provide to CDCR additional internal and external approval documents before the project can be initiated.

Applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Applications received after the monthly cutoff date will be automatically forwarded to the next meeting agenda.

All interactions between the applicant and CDCR should be directed to (mail to:

The following are the operative steps that are necessary to conduct research with CDCR:

  • Step One (Research Project Applicant):
    Read the Guidelines for Submitting CDCR Research Applications.
  • Step Two (Research Project Applicant) :
    Complete and submit the Research Application Form. Office of Research receives applications on continuous basis.
  • Step Three (CDCR):
    Notify research project applicants of early ROC decision (denial / conditional approval / full approval / continue) for those applications received by the monthly submission date.
  • Step Four (Research Project Applicant):
    Complete and submit a revised Research Application Form, if original application received a conditional approval or continue.
  • Step Five (CDCR):
    Notify research project applicants of final ROC decision.

The ROC calendar for first half of 2021: 

  • Applications received by 01/26/2021 will be initially reviewed by ROC on 02/18/2021; 
  • Applications received by 02/22/2021 will be initially reviewed by ROC on 03/18/2021; 
  • Applications received by 03/29/2021 will be initially reviewed by ROC on 04/22/2021; 
  • Applications received by 04/26/2021 will be initially reviewed by ROC on 05/20/2021; 
  • Applications received by 05/31/2021 will be initially reviewed by ROC on 06/17/2021; 
  • Applications received by 06/28/2021 will be initially reviewed by ROC on 07/22/2021.

The ROC will initially approvedenyconditionally approve, or continue all applications as written. If the application is conditionally approved or continued, a final decision on the application will be deferred to a subsequent ROC meeting and the applicant will be provided specific information permitting the application to move forward.