Research Requests

Research Requests

Guidance to those seeking to conduct research with CDCR is provided in two primary documents: Guidelines for Submitting CDCR Research Applications and the Research Application Form. It is mandatory that all documentation be submitted to

The Research Oversight Committee (ROC) process provides a standardized and comprehensive approach for selecting and overseeing all CDCR research projects.  The Division of Correctional Policy Research and Internal Oversight facilitates the ROC process. The ROC process emphasizes a diverse and open approach in determining which research projects best serve to move promising practices to evidence-based programs. The ROC membership is comprised of CDCR Directors, General Counsel and Labor Relations Chief. The Director of the Division of Correctional Policy Research and Internal Oversight serves as the presiding officer of the ROC.

The ROC processes research applications in waves and meets three or more times each year. If an application is approved by the committee, the applicant must obtain additional internal and external approvals before the project can be initiated.

Applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Up to twenty-five new applications will be reviewed in each committee meeting. Additional applications received will automatically be forwarded to the next meeting.

All interactions between the applicant and CDCR should be directed to (mail to:

The following are the operative steps that are necessary to conduct research with CDCR:

  • Step One (Research Project Applicant):
    Read the Guidelines for Submitting CDCR Research Applications.
  • Step Two (Research Project Applicant) :
    Complete and submit the Research Application Form by Wave 1, 05/01/20; Wave 2, 07/31/20; Wave 3, 10/30/20.
  • Step Three (CDCR):
    Notify research project applicants of early ROC decision (denial / conditional approval / full approval) by Wave 1, 07/31/20; Wave 2, 10/30/20; Wave 3, 01/29/21.
  • Step Four (Research Project Applicant):
    Complete and submit a revised Research Application Form by Wave 1, 09/04/20; Wave 2, 12/04/20; Wave 3, 03/05/21, if original application received a conditional approval.
  • Step Five (CDCR):
    Notify research project applicants of final ROC decision by Wave 1, 10/30/20; Wave 2, 01/29/21; Wave 3, 04/30/21.