Offender Recidivism

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Recidivism Reports

Offenders released during a given fiscal year from a CDCR adult institution are followed for a three-year follow-up period. CDCR reports arrests, convictions, and returns to prison. CDCR’s primary measure of recidivism has changed over time. Beginning with the Recidivism Report for Offenders Released in Fiscal Year 2011-12, CDCR’s primary measure of recidivism is the three-year conviction rate. The three-year conviction rate is reported by offender demographics (e.g. race, age) and characteristics (e.g. commitment offense, length of stay). Arrests and returns to prison are provided as supplemental measures of recidivism. The Recidivism Report series was previously referred to as the Outcome Evaluation series.

Fire Camp Recidivism