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CDCR thanks food service professionals

Supervising Cook Barbara Moreau stands beside a pan of small Bundt cakes in a prison camp kitchen.
Supervising Cook Barbara Moreau shows off her handmade Bundt cakes in the Pine Grove kitchen.

CDCR recognizes the hard work and dedication of its food service professionals, as highlighted during Pride in Food Service Week. Secretary Kathleen Allison salutes these dedicated professionals who play crucial roles in the department.

CDCR Secretary acknowledges Pride in Food Service Week

This week is Pride in Food Service Week. Today and every day, I am so proud of the food service professionals who work for this Department.

These unsung heroes are hard at work every day, ensuring healthy food is served to more than 96,000 people in our institutions and conservation camps. This important work ensures the population’s dietary needs are met while also balancing what population likes to eat and what is most cost-effective.

CDCR food service employees also play an important role in rehabilitation. Many incarcerated people work in prison kitchens, where they learn how to select, prepare, and serve healthy meals. While learning how to cook, they also develop teamwork and customer service skills.

The last few years have been very challenging for our food service professionals. They have gone above and beyond to make sure food service continues, even during limited movement, and with many protocols in place to protect everybody in our institutions.

Please join me in thanking all our food service professionals. Your work is valued and appreciated.

With gratitude,


Secretary, CDCR

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