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Ironwood prison donates $12k to nonprofits

Ironwood leaders donate money to nonprofits.
Warden Neil McDowell, left, CRM Carey Ochs, second from right, and Chief Deputy Warden John Merchant, right, present donations to nonprofit groups.

During a meeting at Blythe City Hall, Ironwood State Prison leadership donated $12,665 to four local nonprofits.

On March 30, the prison hosted a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting at Blythe City Hall. During the meeting, Ironwood prison officials presented the donations to the nonprofits.

The donations are a way to recognize the good work the groups do in the community while also providing some financial support. Warden Neil McDowell, Chief Deputy Warden John Merchant, and Community Resource Manager Carey Ochs presented the donations.

Donation recipients:

  • Blythe Cancer Resource Center
  • Emergency Food Pantry
  • Police Activities League
  • Harmony Kitchen.

The funds were raised throughout the year by the prison’s incarcerated activity groups with staff coordination and assistance, demonstrating commitment to community involvement.

“Ironwood State Prison is proud to be able to contribute to the local community and will continue our commitment to the public which we serve,” said Warden McDowell.

About the nonprofits helped by Ironwood prison

Blythe Cancer Resource Center was inspired by the unique needs of cancer patients and their families in the Palo Verde Valley. Access to healthcare in our desert communities is challenging, but for the cancer patient, it can be devastating. This access includes understanding diagnostic procedures and language unique to cancer and finding a doctor you are comfortable with. Travel for treatment, as well as getting emotional and physical support, are more hurdles patients face. The resource center is meeting these needs, conquering cancer one person at a time.

Blythe Police Activities League is dedicated to instilling a value system in our youth.

Blythe Emergency Food Pantry distributes food five days per week. Families are allowed to visit once per month with proof of income and valid picture identification.

Harmony Kitchen in Blythe is a local soup kitchen where those in need can get a hot meal. Their motto is “help feed someone in need.”

Submitted by Lieutenant H. Mora

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