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Ironwood Redemption and Forgiveness workshop seeks to heal

For National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Ironwood State Prison offered a Redemption and Forgiveness workshop, helping serve victims of crime.

They also acknowledged the achievements in victim services and allied professions.

On April 6, Ironwood prison Warden Neil McDowell and Chief Deputy Warden John Merchant hosted a Redemption and Forgiveness workshop. Representatives from Healing Dialogue and Action shared their stories of healing and forgiveness.

The workshop’s mission recognizes the pain and suffering of victims, recognizing they had no say in their victimization. The workshop reinforces how victims and their families control their own healing process. Also, the workshop recognizes many offenders have suffered trauma and violence of their own.

The Redemption and Forgiveness workshop brings together offenders and victims of crime in the spirit that healing and strength can come through listening to each other, responding with respect and compassion.

Offenders at ISP listened to the stories of victims of violent crimes, asked questions, and spoke about how violent crime has impacted their lives.

By Lt. H. Mora, Ironwood State Prison

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