Beyond the Badge, Sports in CDCR

CDCR runners brave heat for Challenge Cup Relay

Runner in red tank top and black shorts waves at camera
Correctional Officer R. Aybar, CIW

CDCR Chino Team takes third in division

Banding together as a united team, CDCR runners showed endurance and athletic skill during the grueling 120-mile Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay.

Runners hit the road, making their way from Baker, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada. Each spring, law enforcement officers from around the world battle to claim the cup trophy.

This year’s CDCR Chino Run Team consisted of sworn staff from:

  • Division of Adult Institutions (DAI):
    • California Institution for Men (CIM)
    • Ironwood State Prison (ISP)
    • California State Prison-Lancaster (LAC)
    • Chuckwalla State Prison (CVSP)
    • California Institution for Women (CIW)
    • Wasco State Prison (WSP)
    • California State Prison-Solano (SOL)
    • California Rehabilitation Center (CRC)

Rounding out the team were staff from Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO), Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) and Office of Correctional Safety (OCS).

The CDCR Chino Team placed third in their division, earning a prized “mug.” They were also recognized on stage during the award ceremony. The team finished in 50th place overall.

Join next year’s CDCR Challenge Cup team

The CDCR Chino Team is already making plans to compete in the 2023 Challenge Cup Relay. They are also considering a name change to “CDCR Statewide” to compete against the elite teams of other agencies. If you’re sworn staff and interested in running or assisting with support, contact Correctional Counselor Valerie Childress (email in Global).

Meet the 2022 Challenge Cup team


  • Correctional Lieutenant J. Frias- LAC
  • Correctional Officer (Ret) B. Aguire
  • Correctional Officer R. Aybar-CIW
  • Correctional Sergeant T. Abarca-CIM
  • Correctional Officer B. Clements-CRC
  • Correctional Officer G. Perezchica-WSP
  • Correctional Officer S. Faria-CVSP
  • Parole Agent III B. Lugar-BPH
  • Parole Agent III O. Dean-DAPO-SF
  • Correctional Officer I. Alvarez- CIW
  • Correctional Officer A. Lopez- CIW (Assistant Team Captain)
  • Parole Agent II J. Lugar- DAPO-SF
  • Correctional Officer B. Izadzeta-CIM
  • Correctional Officer  C. Caldwell-SOL
  • Correctional Officer S. Briones-CVSP
  • Correctional Officer C. Brayboy-CIM
  • Correctional Officer B. Garcia-CIM
  • Correctional Lieutenant M Melendez-LAC
  • Correctional Officer R. Castellanos-LAC
  • Associate Warden L. Quiroz-CIM

Alternate runners

  • Correctional Officer (Ret) J. Sandoval (Team Captain)
  • Special Agent E. Lauren- OCS-SSU Bay Area
  • Correctional Officer A. Cervantes-CIW
  • Correctional Officer A. Estorga-CIW

Support staff

  • Correctional Counselor I V. Childress-CIM (Assistant Team Captain)
  • Correctional Counselor I A. Melendrez-LAC
  • Correctional Officer C. Maxwell-CIW
  • Correctional Officer R. Gentles-CIW