Bill Glass brings hope to CSP‑Sacramento

Man sings in California State Prison Sacramento during an event.
Christian Maynor performs during a special event at California State Prison, Sacramento.

Over 50 volunteers from the Bill Glass Behind the Wall organization brought messages of hope to those incarcerated at California State Prison, Sacramento.

Chaplain speaks at Bill Glass Behind the Walls event in CSP-Sacramento.
Mark Maciel

The April 30 Bill Glass event included two guest speakers sharing positive messages at CSP-Sacramento. In addition, 12 motorcycles were on display.

Guest speakers included Christian Maynor, a Christian rapper from Cleveland, and Mark Maciel.

Maynor has five studio-recorded albums to his name. He rapped for the population and shared his story of rehabilitation.

Maciel shared his own story as he was once an All-American wrestler who turned to drugs, gangs, and prison life. Turning his life around, he’s now the Head Chaplain of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

After the guest speakers, attendees spoke with the volunteers, sharing their own personal stories and their current rehabilitation paths.

Submitted by Lt. Erik Alvatter

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