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CDCR HR Customer Connect launches May 23

CDCR Human Resources Office is launching the new HR Customer Connect (HRCC) Remedy System on May 23. This new system has been designed to improve customer service through digital innovation solutions, to better connect CDCR staff with their human resource partners, as well as ensure your Human Resources Office is guided with the mission to provide a positive employee experience to all CDCR staff.

The HRCC Unit helps improve customer service with this new HR Remedy system. All CDCR staff will have the ability to create case tickets through the electronic system, enabling a tracking method to resolve personnel-related requests and inquires in a timely manner.

This system also creates a communication platform, providing all employees the ability to track their inquiries through system generated messages, and a direct connection with the human resource professional assigned to resolve their inquiry.

It is our goal to provide a positive experience to CDCR employees and retirees. The HR Remedy system will improve communication and provide the reassurance that employee inquiries will be addressed and managed in a safe, timely and secure environment.

You can contact the HRCC team with the following methods:

HRCC Remedy: CDCR Digital Workplace (


Phone: (916) 322-2469

We look forward to serving you in the manner in which you deserve.

Jaclyn Padilla, Deputy Director, Human Resources

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