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Avenal prison CEO Nash recognized by Secretary of Defense

avenal prison CEO Nash holds an award.
From left are acting Warden M. Gamboa, CME E. Conanan, MD, CEO J. Nash, and A. Alvarez Jr., with the Department of Defense.
Avenal prison CEO Jaron Nash holds an award.
Jaron Nash, CEO, Avenal State Prison.

On May 6, Avenal State Prison (ASP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jaron Nash was honored with an award by the Office of the Secretary of Defense for his continued support of the National Guard and Reserve Force. 

Nash was recognized for contributing to National Security and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by supporting not only his staff, but all employees who participate in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.

CEO Nash was nominated by ASP Chief Medical Executive Emmanuel Conanan, M.D., who has been in the United States Navy for seven years, holding the rank of Commander. 

Conanan expressed his personal appreciation to Nash for always supporting his requested and required time away from work for Guard service.

Nash’s unwavering support of the active and reserve military personnel here at ASP is a model to be exemplified by other managers and supervisors. 

The award was presented by Art Alvarez Jr., Department of Defense, Area Chair, Military and Employer Outreach Coordinator. 

By Lt. J. Campbell

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