SATF sees 60 volunteers spread message of hope

Motorcycle displayed in a prison yard.
Motorcycles, cars and guest speakers were part of the Bill Glass event at SATF/SP.

Bill Glass Behind the Wall volunteers shared messages of hope with the those incarcerated at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran (SATF).

The May 13 event involved over 60 volunteers helping each facility at SATF. In addition to speakers, 10 motorcycles and two cars were displayed.

One speaker was former New York Giants football player Keith Davis. The athlete spoke about his upbringing in South Central Los Angeles while living with a drug-addicted mother.

Davis has had numerous family members come in and out of CDCR prisons but he was able to “fill the gap” in his life by finding his faith.

After speaking, he demonstrated a feat of strength, folding a frying pan into a burrito shape. He then presented the pan to Warden Cisneros as a keepsake.

Attendees spoke with volunteers, sharing personal stories and their current rehabilitation paths.

Warden Cisneros and staff said they were excited to finally see the organization return to the institution.

By Lieutenant Brent Urban

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