MCRP participants learn how to get fresh start

MCRP participants learn about getting a fresh start from an attorney.
Long Beach City Prosecutor and creator of Restoration Initiative for Safety and Employment (RISE) Program, Dough Haubert, speaks to MCRP participants about post-conviction relief and court diversion.

Expungement, alternative sentencing, community service

On May 19, the Long Beach Male Community Reentry Program (MCRP) hosted a free “Fresh Start” workshop for 40 participants. The event offered legal aid and a question-and-answer forum with attorneys from the Restoration Initiative for Safety and Employment (RISE) program.

RISE is a City of Long Beach program designed to assist those who are eligible to clear their criminal records.

Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert spoke to participants about post-conviction relief, expungement, and Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Robin Perry, with the Long Beach Bar Association, shared information on:

  • clearing minor warrants
  • converting court fines to community service
  • expungement
  • enrolling in court diversion or alternative sentencing programs
  • employment and educational opportunities.

“Collateral consequences to incarceration can affect a person’s employment or ability to find employment. Others are denied access to government benefits and program participation, including student loans, housing, contracting and other forms of participation in civic life,” Haubert said.

GEO Reentry Long Beach Program Director Tisha McAfee coordinated and facilitated the workshop. CDCR Division of Adult Parole Operations Parole Administrator (A) Karen Reed and Parole Agent III Francisco Saldana attended to show support for participants’ successful reentry.

RISE Program’s beginning and future events

In 2018, Long Beach Mayor and City Council announced funding for RISE to assist residents with post-conviction relief and court diversion.

All assistance provided through RISE is free of charge for qualified participants.

Additional 2022-2023 Fresh Start Workshops through Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office will be held in-person.

More information available at their website.

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