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CMC food drive helps those in need

Man and woman with food drive box at California Men's Colony.
From left are Food Bank Development Director Branna Still and CMC Muslim Chaplain Tahir Suleyman.

A recent California Men’s Colony (CMC) food drive for Ramadan paid off, helping families in need.

On June 23, CMC Muslim Chaplin Tahir Suleyman presented Branna Still, Development Director of the San Luis Obispo Food Bank, with a box of non-perishable food. It was all gathered and donated by members of the prison’s Muslim community.

Those incarcerated in the East and West facilities, along with outside donors, allowed the effort to provide more than 6,600 meals.

“Our goal was to assist the San Luis Obispo Food Bank with feeding the people in need,” said Suleyman. “Our concern was for the community not just Muslims. (Food insecurity) is very real and affects many in the local community.”

The food bank was grateful with Sill thanking the chaplain and those who took part in the food drive.

“On behalf of the SLO Food Bank team and most notably on behalf of those we serve, we thank you. Your desire to help others during these difficult times is a beautiful act of kindness. It is truly making a tremendous impact in the lives of SLO County residents facing hunger,” said Still.

They held the drive in honor of Ramadan.

“Your Ramadan Food and Fund Drive was perfectly timed, as fuel, food, and housing costs are soaring as we face historic inflation. These rising costs force some people to make tough decisions between commuting to work or putting food on the table. With your support, the SLO Food Bank’s robust food safety net grew by more than 6,641 meals. Thank you for your compassionate response to a challenging time for our community.”

Written by Tahir Suleyman, CMC Muslim Chaplin
Submitted by Lieutenant J. Hill

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