Rehabilitation comes in many forms at CDCR

Whether through horses, gardening, music, movies or religion, rehabilitation comes in many forms at CDCR institutions and re-entry programs.

Concerts help heal at California Health Care Facility

Messages of hope and encouragement were brought inside the walls at California Health Care Facility, thanks to Trinity Broadcasting Network 2nd Chance.

The organization held two concerts, lasting two hours each. They were jam-packed with inspirational songs, positive messages and powerful affirmations.

The TBN 2nd Chance team is made up of talented singers, performers and musicians. The incarcerated population was grateful to be able to participate in such an inspirational event.

Submitted by Lieutenant W. Lewis

Music and gardening are rehabilitative steps for Pelican Bay population

On July 27, Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) Facility D were treated to positive messages during a special Trinity Broadcasting Network 2nd Chance concert.

Those behind the concert say they hope to help restore and rebuild lives of the incarcerated population while also reducing recidivism. The songs offered messages to inspire, challenge, and encourage. The concert went well and the 2nd Chance group was thankful as well as grateful for the hospitality PBSP provided.

On July 28, the PBSP Facility D population donated six fruit trees to the College of the Redwoods community garden to show support. The gardening club on the level two facility has flourished thanks to a collaboration with the college. Instructors from the school have taught the population gardening skills and the science behind a successful garden.

The trees were delivered to the community garden by Captain Michael Betzinger and acting Captain Jason Schrag.

This gardening program has enriched the lives of the residents housed at PBSP. Residents say the program emphasizes responsibility, accountability, compassion, patience, and teamwork. Ultimately, the program seeks to teach PBSP residents skills for re-entry, keeping them on the right track.

Submitted by acting Lieutenant Serafin P. Leon

MCRP-LA3 offers bonding over movies and s’mores

Male Community Re-entry Program (MCRP) Los Angeles 3 hosted a family movie night on July 29. Decorations included tents, fake campfires and grass, all handled by staff and participants. All program participants were able to take part. They were also accompanied by one approved adult visitor and their children.

Outdoor camping was the theme. Snacks included popcorn, cotton candy, Hawaiian shaved ice, and s’mores. GEO Re-entry Services donated the treats. While children made s’mores even some adults were seen sporting a chocolate mustache.

After s’mores, families and friends then gathered by the campfires and tents to enjoy a family movie on a giant screen. The evening was a success as children played with their fathers, enjoying a fun night of bonding. At the end of the night, many children could be heard asking when they could do this again.

Submitted by Karen Yamada, Division of Rehabilitative Programs

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