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Avenal prison gathers supplies for school district

Avenal prison staff, children, teachers and a tiger mascot.
Avenal prison staff delivered supplies to the Reef-Sunset Unified School District.

Last week, Avenal State Prison delivered much-needed supplies to the Reef-Sunset Unified School District.

A multi-week long back-to-school drive, organized by Community Resources Manager (CRM) Dee Lovette, found staff gathering supplies ranging from notebooks and crayons to backpacks and construction paper.

The CRM and staff then drove to each school, delivering the supplies to surprised and thankful staff and students.

“Donation drives like this give our staff an opportunity to give back to our community. It is humbling to know Avenal staff played a small part in giving the children the necessary tools to start their school year,” said Lovette.

The donations were well received.

“Because of Avenal State Prison’s kindness, we were able to put smiles on many children’s faces. Donation drives like this go a long way in helping our schools,” said one elementary school teacher.

Warden Martin Gamboa praised Avenal prison staff for their generosity.

“The staff at Avenal State Prison are indeed generous and helpful of the nearby schools and I am particularly thankful to staff who go out of their way to make a drive like this successful.”

Submitted by Lieutenant J. Reyes

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