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Navajo Code Talkers honored at CTF

Man wearing Native American clothing.
Native American ceremonies were observed at CTF in honor of Navajo Code Talkers Day.

On August 11, the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) hosted Navajo Code Talkers Day on the Facility B Yard. The event featured guest speakers, a wreath laying and traditional performances by Navajo Dance, Kalpuli Izkali, Aztec Dance and Haka Dance.

Approximately 50 incarcerated people participated along with performers for Barrios Unidos, The Going Home Project and Amity Foundation.

Who were the Navajo Code Talkers?

During World War II, foreign adversaries kept breaking American coded messages sent over military radios. So, the US Marine Corps recruited nearly 500 Navajo men to create a code using their native language. This allowed US forces to send coded messages through their radios.

The code was used in every battle in the Pacific, with adversaries unable to crack the Navajo code.

Did you know? California celebrates Native American Day on Sept. 23 at the Capitol. CDCR recruiters and Native American Spiritual Leaders will staff an informational booth at the event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

By Lt. Wil Landrum

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