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Task force turns to K‑9 to find phone

Officer and his K-9 partner at Ironwood State Prison after helping a task force find a hidden cell phone.
ISP K-9 Officer Jason Martin and his partner Camo found a key piece of evidence in a murder investigation.

Pulled from training, two teams search apartment

CDCR K-9 officers helped a task force find a hidden cell phone, a key piece of evidence in a murder investigation.

After federal agents and Los Angeles Police officers arrested a suspect who had fled into an apartment, they realized his cell phone was gone. Believing it to be hidden in the apartment, US Marshals and police searched the dwelling but couldn’t find it. That’s when the task force turned to the CDCR K-9 Unit for help finding the phone.

At the time, Ironwood State Prison Investigative Services Unit K-9 officers were attending Southern Region K-9 Training in Chino. Sergeant Avra Karanikolas was contacted by the task force, seeking assistance. The task force acquired a search warrant to find the cell phone but needed help. Officer Jason Martin and his K-9 partner Camo, along with Officer Anthony Fernandez and his partner Nala, responded to the scene in Santa Ana.

CDCR K-9 officers don’t give up

The task force directed the K-9 teams to search the upper level since they had already cleared the first floor. The K-9 teams searched but came up empty. As the task force members were about to leave, Martin suggested searching the downstairs again, this time with their dogs. Inside the kitchen Camo alerted to the stove, where they discovered the cell phone hidden in the oven.

Due to Officer Martin and Camo’s diligence, the important piece of evidence was recovered.

“I commend K-9 Officer Martin for his outstanding work in assisting the LAPD-US Marshal Task Force and utilizing his vigorous training. K9 Officer Martin’s dedication and hard-working attitude is an example of CDCR’s highest standards and core values in the fight against crime,” said K-9 Sgt. Karanikolas.

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