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SJ Delta College helps hire new officers

Five correctional officers and a college professor.
The efforts of Professor David Terry have resulted in San Juaquin Delta College students becoming CDCR Correctional Officers, such as these five at a recent academy graduation.

David Terry, Professor of Correctional Science at San Joaquin Delta College, has been one of CDCR’s greatest recruiters. He has built a Delta College pipeline of qualified candidates to fill Correctional Officer positions statewide.

“I fully support CDCR in its rehabilitative mission in our communities and as a community college professor I am pleased that our partnership continues to thrive,” said Terry.

Since October 2020, nearly two dozen Delta College students have graduated the Basic Correctional Officer Academy. They are now working at institutions throughout the state.

Terry has been their biggest cheerleader and mentor throughout the hiring process. He supports them at the physical fitness tests and coordinates tours at the Academy or nearby CDCR institutions. The tours show students what it feels like in those environments and the impact they can make changing lives. CDCR recruitment teams conduct presentations for Delta students and attend job fairs on campus throughout the school year.

Robert Calderon, Deputy Director, acknowledged the success of this partnership.

“We can’t thank Professor Terry enough for his continued support of correctional officer applicants and the collaborative efforts implemented at Delta College,” he said. “It’s definitely unique and something we would like to model at other community colleges.”

CDCR is hosting a Correctional Officer Jumpstart hiring event at Delta College on October 8. Candidates will be able to take the written examination, physical fitness test, Live Scan, and start the background process all in one day.

CDCR and community college partnerships

CDCR has partnered with over 33 community colleges throughout the state to attract diverse students to become Correctional Officers. Over 69 percent of California community colleges students are people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

As part of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) mission, CDCR is committed to attract and hire more candidates from diverse communities and empower all employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and personal experiences.

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