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CDCR staff, population help those in need

CDCR staff and those in their care regularly hold fundraisers or gather supplies to help the community. These are some of their recent efforts.

CMC veterans help veterans through food pantry

Dedicated to the veterans in the California Men’s Colony (CMC), a new community food pantry aims to help veterans on the outside.

San Luis Obispo County’s Veterans Services Office unveiled the food pantry. Its mission is to serve veterans who are in need of non-perishable food for themselves and their families.

The food pantry is dedicated to CMC’s incarcerated veterans who organized and collected food to donate.

“(We are) proud to partner with the veterans in CMC to address food insecurities of our community’s veterans,” said Morgan Boyd, the Veterans Services Officer for the county. “Furthermore, we hope that the program will provide CMC veterans with a sense of selfless service. (This) is something I hope carries on with them once they are reintegrated into the community.”

The veterans organized the drive, recruiting others in CMC to buy non-perishable food items from a commissary list. Those items were then purchased and collected by correctional officers. They then coordinated with the Veterans Services Office for pick-up.

Michael Schacherer, a county Veterans Services Representative who works with justice involved veterans, said they appreciate the efforts of those in CMC.

“The selfless attitude from my clients to continue to serve their fellow Veterans is priceless,” he said.

Overall, approximately 160 pounds of food was collected and donated.

Submitted by Lt. John Hill

PVSP helps Coalinga with back-to-school supplies

Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) recently held multiple facility food sales to raise money for Coalinga National Night Out, a back-to-school supply drive for students.

Organized by acting Community Resource Manager (CRM) Justin Nugent, food sale donations totaled $4,661. The CRM’s Office, acting Warden Tristan Lemon and AA/PIO Carlos Mendoza presented the check during the Community Partners Chamber of Commerce Mixer.

“In past years we’ve needed supplies for around 400 students, but this year we had 700 show up requesting supplies. The donation really helps our cause (so) we really appreciate PVSP for their donation,” said Scott Netherton, Executive Director for Coalinga Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Our PVSP team pulled together and raised over $4k for our local community schools of Coalinga. That is an amazing accomplishment that benefits everyone,” said acting Warden Lemon.

To learn more, visit Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Park District.

Submitted by Lt. C. Mendoza

HDSP donates over $4k for school team shirts

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) recently donated $4,138 to Shaffer School.

On September 30, HDSP Warden (A) R. St. Andre and staff were invited to help hand out the house team shirts to new students to Shaffer School.

The school uses the shirts to encourage healthy competition and group loyalty among pupils. Students of all grades, ranging from kindergarten through eighth, participate in the program, developing academic and personal skills.

The students in their house group act as a team, earning points on assignments, behavior, participation, and being kind.

Shaffer School staff said student benefits include motivation, behavior, peer encouragement, and a sense of belonging in the school.

“It was so inspiring to see Shaffer School and the community’s work,” said HDSP staff.

Supporting the community positively impacts on the employees as well as the incarcerated who participate, according to HDSP staff.

Submitted by Lt. Jon Sieberg

CCWF raises over $10k for charity

At Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), Community Resources Manager (CRM) Courtney Waybright brought food vendors to the main yard for a fundraiser.

A food truck served burritos, fries and chicken strips while another vendor served kettle corn and funnel cakes as an incarcerated food sale fundraiser.

“With each food sale, the approval process takes about 90 days for gate clearances, inventory approval, trust withdrawals and confirming the sale items with the vendor. It is important to me to serve hot, fresh food at times to boost sales and appease the population,” said Waybright. “We completed over 900 total orders in two days. I appreciate the staff support to ensure this sale was a success.”

The food sale raised over $10,000 for charity.

“The expectation is all necessary areas collaborate effectively and efficiently to ensure completion. The purpose of the sale is to hold a charitable campaign through the population,” said Warden Mike Pallares. “The event not only promotes rehabilitation, but instills a positive correctional presence within the communities in which we live and serve.”

Submitted by Lt. Steven Rodriguez

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