41 complete ISUDT‑CBI program at Ironwood

On Thursday, September 29, Ironwood State Prison (ISP) and the Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) hosted a ceremony for 41 participants completing the Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment – Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (ISUDT-CBI) on Facility B.

CBI is a process in which participants are able to become aware of their thinking. Instead of allowing impulse to run their lives through maladaptive actions, they learn to utilize consequential thinking. They develop an importance of their thought process to ensure the safety of their recovery and that of their environment.

A sobering speech was given by Chief Deputy Warden (CDW) John Merchant, allowing participants to make a connection to their own recovery and achievement.

Some ISUDT-CBI participants have never celebrated personal achievements, but the speech by CDW Merchant was just the catalyst to do so. Warden Neil McDowell, CEO Eric Andersson and CDW Merchant thanked all the program counselors for their dedication, perseverance, management, and teamwork in assisting the participants in achieving their goals.

Submitted by Lt. H. Mora

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