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Pleasant Valley firefighters rescue kitten

Kitten held by Pleasant Valley firefighter while being petted by another staff member.
Rescuing a kitten is all part of the job for Pleasant Valley State Prison firefighters.

No rescue is too big or small for Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) firefighters, even if it involves a kitten stuck in a tree.

PVSP Fire Department did not hesitate to help concerned employees when they noticed a kitten stuck high in a tree. Incarcerated firefighters scaled the tree, safely retrieving the fearful kitten.

“Our firefighters are known for showing compassion for all PVSP residents. This includes felines that have established a presence here,” said acting Warden Tristan.

Outside of being tired and hungry, it was a happy ending for the kitten. The four-legged ball of fluff was taken home by a concerned prison employee.

By Lt. C. Mendoza

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