Over 200 graduate ISUDT at Centinela prison

Incarcerated substance use disorder treatment (ISUDT) participants listen to a guest speaker at Centinela prison.
Dr. Pamela Anani, Psychologist, Mental Health, speaks to ISUDT participants in the Centinela D yard.

Between June and September, 218 incarcerated people successfully completed the ISUDT/CBI program at Centinela State Prison.

The Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment/Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (ISUDT/CBI) programs saw four graduations on A-D yards at Centinela.

These events were coordinated by the leadership team:

  • Gerardo Gasca, Correctional Counselor III
  • Program Director Richard Donovan
  • Associate Program Director Anna San Pedro
  • and supervising counselors and AOD counselors.

The graduations were an opportunity to celebrate and provide positive reinforcement to participants who completed the program.

Guest speakers included Dr. Sangha, Chief Medical Officer at Centinela, and Dr. Anani. They shared the importance of medically assisted treatment for substance use recovery as well as the importance of reducing stigma around mental health.

Regional Director Gregory Greene, another guest speaker, talked about overcoming challenges to uncover true strength.

Motivational remarks and congratulations were also delivered by Gasca, Donovan and San Pedro.

Graduates participated in a processional to receive their certificates, and enjoyed cake and soda.

Several graduates spoke about the positive impact the CBI classes have had on them, especially support from classmates.

Participants said classes have helped them improve their ability to manage their anger as well as expand their ability to communicate effectively. Ultimately, they said they have gained tools to parent their children and improve relationships. Many more participants are expected to graduate in the coming months.

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