Rehabilitation programs bring the R to CDCR

Innovative rehabilitation programs in CDCR are helping the incarcerated population improve their parole and reentry chances.

First ARC program graduation at CSP-Sacramento

The first group of participants graduated Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) programs at CSP-Sacramento. They began their hard work in mid-July in programs such as how to prepare for parole hearings and emotional intelligence.

Prison and ARC staff celebrated the accomplishments of the first graduating groups in mid-November. Participants were acknowledged by the prison’s executive staff.

Submitted by Lt. Erik Altvatter

PVSP rehabilitation promoted through messages of hope

Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) saw 100 volunteers share inspirational messages and performances on Oct. 21. Thanks to the Bill Glass Behind the Walls event, the incarcerated population also enjoyed a display of 20 motorcycles and collector cars.

Reyna Reyna sang Tejano music while Jason Carter performed uplifting hip-hop. After their performances, each artist shared the struggles of their upbringing and how they worked to overcome challenging circumstances.

Jonathan Spinks displayed his martial art skills and spoke about the self-discipline and guidance needed to excel in the art. Spinks also thanked the Bill Glass foundation for allowing him to focus on a positive path to life.

“The Bill Glass Behind the Walls event is the perfect blend of purpose and fun. It provides hope and inspiration to our population and also some entertaining live performances. We want to thank the many volunteers who shared their valuable life lessons during the event,” said acting Warden Tristan Lemon.

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Submitted by Lt. C. Mendoza

San Quentin News Media holds Violence Prevention Symposium

Members of the San Quentin News Media held a Violence Prevention Symposium in the Chapel B area at San Quentin State Prison on Nov. 4.

Previously incarcerated people who had sentences that commuted were joined by families of murder victims.

San Quentin News Media interviewed guests, documenting their perspectives on life after prison.

The majority of the San Quentin community wanted to know which programs were available when paroling. They also asked how starting the rehabilitation process during incarceration could help them become productive citizens of society.

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Submitted by Lt. Guim’Mara Berry

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