CIW gets behind Red Ribbon Week

A tree covered in red ribbons and a banner with one CIW employee in uniform.
Red Ribbon Week is marked by ribbons on trees and banners at CIW.

California Institution for Women (CIW) recognized Red Ribbon Week thanks to Warden J. Core and CEO J. Elliot.

The late October event raised awareness with staff and residents, promoting a drug-free life to enhance the community.

ISUDT program Correctional Counselor III M. Thorpe and PIP program director A. Jackson provided materials to the Offender Mentor Certification Program to create posters, banners, and red ribbons. They also created an information board to encourage participation throughout CIW.

Red Ribbon Week at CIW was marked by ribbons symbolizing a community commitment to an anti-drug environment.

Posters, poems and personal sobriety pledge cards were displayed to show support. A tree with signed ribbons showed staff support for the intentions expressed by the CIW population.

The ISUDT program provides the education and support needed for a drug free life to become a reality for all.

This is a crucial element for rehabilitation and allows those paroling from CIW to be a positive influence and become productive members of society upon re-entry into the community.

Did you know?

The wearing of red ribbons began in 1985 after DEA agent Enrique Camarena was murdered. The ribbons recognize the death and destruction caused by drugs in America. This became the catalyst for a nationwide campaign, mobilizing communities to educate and encourage a drug-free life.

Submitted by Lt. William Newborg

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