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ISUDT achievements at SCC

Graduation banner and a man speaking at a lectern.
Sierra Conservation Center hosted its first ISUDT graduation for 90 participants.

90 graduate ISUDT courses

In October, Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) facilitated its first Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT) graduation. In all, 90 participants successfully completed either the Cognitive Behavioral Interventions Outpatient or Life Skills course to attend the graduation.

The graduation was well represented by staff from SCC’s health care teams, case records, custody staff and managers.

SCC had three Offender Mentor Certification Program speakers. This was followed by staff guest speakers Ramona Canady, Supervisor for Center Point, Correctional Counselor III Byron Davis and SCC Warden Patrick Eaton.

Each speaker was inspiring and supportive of the accomplishments of the graduates. SCC even had surprise entertainment to celebrate: Center Point staff member Renee Willis played the guitar and sang an inspiring song. All attendees were treated to sandwiches, cupcakes, chips and a drink at the end of the ceremony.

ISUDT Ambassadors host first staff booth at SCC

On November 2, the SCC ISUDT Ambassador Team hosted its first staff event booth, which was well received. The team made donations in the form of gift cards, firewood, candy, and more. The team created a prize wheel that resembled wheel of fortune.

More than 100 staff came to the ISUDT Ambassador booth and had an opportunity to take a short fun quiz about ISUDT. If staff answered the questions correctly, it afforded them a chance to spin the wheel and win prizes. It was a day full of laughter, education and fun for all.

Submitted by Byron Davis, Correctional Counselor III

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