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Solano’s Santa sergeant raises morale

Sergeant dressed as Santa at Solano prison interacts with a young child.
Maxwell Carson, a sergeant at CSP-Solano, put on the suit to meet families of staff during the prison's first tree lighting event.

For the first time, California State Prison-Solano hosted a tree-lighting ceremony for staff, complete with a sergeant dressed as Santa. The event was a way of boosting morale and raising spirits.

Putting on the red suit is first-timer Maxwell Carson, a sergeant with the Investigative Services Unit (ISU).

“I am volunteering as Santa because I love the Christmas season and feel like it is a great way I can give back to my institution,” he said.

While he has worn the suit before, it was only for a family party. This will be his first time for an event.

“This will be a new experience for me being Santa for the public,” he said.

Carson has been with CDCR for seven years, all of them at CSP-Solano. He was promoted to sergeant three years ago and has been with the ISU for about a year, but being Santa is all new.

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By Don Chaddock, Inside CDCR editor

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