26 graduate Offender Mentor Certification

Graduate speaks during a ceremony at a mentor certification program in prison.
Graduate David Hollars, Jr., speaks during the Offender Mentor Certification Program at CSP-Corcoran.

CSP-Corcoran recognizes newest mentors

Eric Estrada, one of 26 to graduate the Offender Mentor Certification Program, recalled something his daughter said: “You’re not a bad person, you just made bad choices.”

Estrada was one among many at the recent CSP-Corcoran graduation ceremony. With the skills he’s learned, he said he’s looking forward to helping others.

Administrators, volunteers, staff, and guests attended the event. For loved ones who couldn’t attend in person, the graduation was also streamed live.

Participants who successfully completed the mentor program went through nine months of rehabilitative programs and training.

Graduates completed:

  • 18 weeks of Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT) administered by Amity
  • 80 hours of Study Prep
  • 350 hours of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) classroom education
  • as well as 255 hours of Practicum and applied learned counseling skills.

Graduates ready to help others

“We cannot wait for the opportunity to pay this forward,” said graduate Chris Jagerson.

Looking forward, he plans to use his newly gained knowledge and skills to share with those in similar situations.

CSP-Corcoran staff said they are looking forward to continuing the mentor program. “We are proud of the graduates as they strive to improve the lives of incarcerated people, their families and communities,” they said.

Submitted by Lt. Robert Clifton

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