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Furniture upgrades spruce up dayrooms

A man in a black polo watches another man and an incarcerated person play chess.

New seating encourages conversation, community

Updated furniture at several institutions demonstrates CDCR’s commitment to creating spaces conducive to rehabilitation while maintaining safety. The new seating is more comfortable and durable than the previous metal benches and tables. It is also easier to move around a dayroom or other area to facilitate different activities.

At Valley State Prison (VSP), the new chairs complement other efforts to create living spaces that more closely resemble the community. This includes new interior and exterior paint, game tables, bookcases and even barbecues. Families can use the barbecues when they visit their incarcerated loved one.

“We want to create an atmosphere that nourishes creativity, promotes positivity and provides plenty of resources for a seamless reentry into any community,” shared VSP Warden (A) Matthew McVay. “We are giving the incarcerated population every opportunity to become productive members of society.”

Furniture has positive impact

ASP has changed out the furniture in the housing dayrooms on four of six facilities for the new, highly durable polyurethane furniture. The prison will continue to replace the flat benches and metal tables that enforce the feeling of institutionalization. The new tables and chairs promote comfort, creativity and thought-provoking activities.

The new furniture and tables also serve to encourage people to come out of their dorms and socialize in a more relaxed and socially interactive environment. It also creates a more pleasant working environment for prison employees.

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