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OVSRS manager talks Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Banner with the words Survivor Voices: National Crime Victims' Right Week, April 23-29, 2023. Elevate. Engage. Effect Change.
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Robert Love, OVSRS

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), April 23-29, raises awareness about the impact of crime on individuals, families, and communities. National Crime Victims’ Rights Week also promotes the rights of crime victims.

To learn more about how the CDCR Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services (OVSRS) is supporting NCVRW 2023, we spoke with Robert Love, OVSRS Staff Services Manager I.

Love has been with CDCR for 13 years, beginning as a Case Records Technician in April 2010 at Folsom State Prison. From there, he’s worked with the Contract Beds Unit, Division of Juvenile Justice, Legal Processing Unit, and finally with OVSRS. He’s been in his current post for nearly two years.

“I’m enjoying every minute of it,” he said. In his spare time, he’s a published comic book artist.

Q&A with OVSRS on National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

What is CDCR doing to support NCVRW 2023? 

CDCR will be holding events at all of our institutions. We will be holding victim and offender round-tables, conducting outreach to victims, victims’ families and survivors.

OVSRS will be mailing flyers, packets of information and reaching out to victim advocates and their organizations. We’re also contacting victim non-profit organizations and County District Attorney Offices to let them know about services we offer. OVSRS is conducting a podcast to bring information and awareness to our communities. The podcast is also being translated into Spanish in order to reach out to Spanish Speaking communities.

What are some key themes or messages of this year’s NCVRW?

CDCR is committed to supporting National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) and promoting victims’ rights and services. CDCR participates in NCVRW by organizing and promoting events and activities to raise awareness of victims’ issues while supporting victims of crime.

Some of the activities and events that CDCR has organized or supported in previous years include:

  • Candlelight vigils: CDCR has organized vigils in honor of victims of crime, providing an opportunity to come together to remember and honor those impacted.
  • Victim impact panels: CDCR has also organized panels so victims of crime can share their stories and experiences with others. These provide a powerful reminder of the impact crime can have on individuals and communities.
  • Informational sessions: CDCR has organized workshops to educate staff, offenders, and the public about victims’ issues and the resources available to support victims of crime.
  • Fundraising events: CDCR has also organized fundraising events to support victims’ services and organizations, such as charity walks and runs.

In addition to these activities, CDCR also works closely with victim services organizations and advocates to ensure that victims’ rights are respected and protected throughout the criminal justice process. Overall, CDCR is committed to supporting NCVRW and promoting the importance of victims’ rights and services.

What were some of the previous themes?

In previous years, the themes have focused on various aspects of victims’ rights and services, such as:

Honoring Our Past, Creating Hope for the Future: This theme focused on the history of the victims’ rights movement and the progress that has been made in supporting victims of crime, while also emphasizing the need to continue working towards a better future for all victims.

Expand the Circle, Reach All Victims: This theme emphasized the importance of reaching out to all victims, including those who may be underserved or marginalized, to ensure that they receive the support and services they need.

Seeking Justice, Ensuring Victims’ Rights, Inspiring Hope: This theme focused on the importance of ensuring victims’ rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process, emphasizing the need to inspire hope and healing for crime victims.

Strength. Resilience, Justice: This theme highlighted the strength and resilience of victims of crime, while also emphasizing the need for a fair and just response to crime, prioritizing victims’ needs.

Overall, the key messages of NCVRW are centered on raising awareness of victims’ rights and services, supporting victims of crime, and advocating for a justice system that prioritizes the needs and well-being of victims.

What is this year’s theme?

The 2023 theme is “Survivor Voices: Elevate. Engage. Effect Change.”

Elevate: OVSRS works for the victim and speaks for them when their voices are not being heard.

Engage: We speak to them, listening to their stories, taking part in victim and incarcerated persons round-tables. We do this to come up with better solutions to provide services for victims and their families through difficult times.

Effect Change: With elevating their voices and engaging with victims and victims’ next of kin, we learn ways to make their lives better.

How can individuals get involved in NCVRW 2023?

NCVRW) 2023 is an important event that aims to raise awareness and promote victims’ rights and services.

If you’re interested in getting involved in NCVRW 2023, here are some ways you can do so:

  • Attend an event by checking the calendar at the Office of Victims of Crime website.
  • Organize an event to raise awareness of victims’ rights and services in your community. You can find resources and information on how to organize an event on the OVC website.
  • Share information about NCVRW 2023 on social media, websites, or other platforms to raise awareness.
  • Volunteer with a victim services organization to help provide support to victims of crime in your community.
  • Donate to a victim services organization or the National Center for Victims of Crime to support victims’ rights and services.

By getting involved, you can help make a difference in the lives of victims of crime and raise awareness.

For more information, visit the OVSRS web page.

Learn more about the CDCR Unlocked podcast.

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