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CMF acting warden named Mayor for a Day

CMF acting warden shaking hands with Vacaville mayor.
Acting Warden Daniel Cueva, left, and Vacaville Mayor John Carli.

Vacaville Mayor John Carli visited California Medical Facility (CMF) on June 6, proclaiming acting Warden Daniel Cueva as Mayor for a Day.

Cueva, a Vacaville native, and his staff are continuously partnering with the city and local communities. These efforts represent the community commitment offered by CDCR and CCHCS employees.

“Thank you for being a true leader for CMF and for being so passionate about the city in which we work and reside,” said Carli as he proclaimed Cueva as Vacaville’s Mayor for a Day.

Cueva said he was ecstatic and honored, especially since the proclamation came from the city he loves.

“It was truly amazing to see two leaders in Vacaville support each other and establish this type of partnership. CMF is excited for what’s to come,” according to a statement issued by the institution.

Submitted by Lt. P. Gonzalez

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