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CMF, CIW staff make Mother’s Day visits special

Across California, CDCR staff welcome families for visits with their incarcerated loved ones, but Mother’s Day visits prove extra special for all involved.

CMF Visiting Sgt. Vazquez, staff go above for Mother’s Day

The California Medical Facility (CMF) Visiting Department beautified the Visiting Room for a May 13 Mother’s Day event.

Special events such as these would not happen without the leadership and heart of Visiting Sgt. Sara Vazquez.

Vazquez often uses her own funds and time to purchase crafts or treats for visiting events. For Mother’s Day, Vazquez created flower pots filled with chocolate, then added a photo of the family’s child. Additionally, Vasquez and her staff purchased baked goods and beverages for the families.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of the Inmate Advisory Council (IAC) and the entire population for your dedication and hard work. Your empathy and respect for the population and our families is inspiring and encouraging,” said the council’s chairman. “There is a saying, ‘Show me where you spend your money and I’ll show you where your heart is.’ The fact that you spend your own money and time to put together a meaningful Mother’s Day shows how much you truly care.”

Understanding how difficult it is for families to be separated, CMF Visiting Staff take pride in making holidays special.

A positive visiting program boosts morale, inspiring change and growth in the incarcerated population. Staying connected with family and friends is crucial to rehabilitation.

“I would like to thank Sgt. Vazquez for inspiring her staff and for all of her hard work in ensuring our incarcerated population and their loved ones had a happy and memorable Mother’s Day,” said Acting Warden Daniel E. Cueva.

Submitted by Lt. Priscilla Gonzalez, AA/PIO, CMF
Photos by Sgt. Vazquez and Lt. Gonzalez

California Institution for Women includes special activities

This year’s May 14 Mother’s Day Celebration at the California Institution for Women (CIW) was a great success. The events of the day included such activities as creating personalized Mother’s Day cards and photo frames for snapshots taken in front of a custom Mother’s Day backdrop.

The families and their loved ones were able to work together, creating meaningful memories and unique keepsakes. Visiting staff collaborated with Community Resource Manager (CRM) Ricky De La Cruz and CRM office staff Ashley Lewis and Diana Lopez. Together they put in a special purchase order for the population to buy carnations for their loved ones. The Visiting Room was a positive environment, filled with smiles, laughter and excitement as the families gathered together in celebration.

Submitted by Lt. William Newborg, AA/PIO
California Institution for Women

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