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AW Daniel Pierce pulls two from canal

Car mostly submerged in canal.
Associate Warden Daniel Pierce pulled two people to safety after their vehicle plunged into a canal near Wasco.

Pierce dives in canal to pull two people to safety

Wasco State Prison-Reception Center Associate Warden Daniel Pierce jumped into a canal to help save two after spotting a car crash.

Daniel Pierce, associate warden, jumped into a canal to save two people.
Daniel Pierce, AW

On June 6, at 3:30 p.m., Health Care Operations Associate Warden (AW) Pierce was traveling along Highway 46 returning from Elk Grove when he spotted a man waving for help. The man was standing alongside a vehicle partially submerged in a canal.

Pierce pulled over and ran to the scene. There he saw one man on the canal bank, clutching two people who were still in the canal.

Realizing the two in the canal couldn’t swim, Pierce jumped into the canal, swimming against the powerful current. The force of the rushing water was beginning to move the car downstream.

Pierce, a former lifeguard, reached the two people who were struggling. Using his own body as leverage, he pushed each one up the muddy canal bank.

After getting them to safety, he found he was unable to climb the muddy bank. Seeing this, another bystander tossed down a rope, allowing Pierce to pull himself out.

After assessing the three people involved in the accident, he ensured they were OK. Verifying emergency responders were on their way, Pierce returned to his state vehicle and proceeded to return to Wasco prison.

“AW Pierce’s actions, with no regard for his own safety, reflect great credit upon him, WSP-RC, and are keeping with the highest traditions of CDCR,” according to a statement issued by the institution.

Story by Lt. J. Farley, AA/PIO
Wasco State Prison-Reception Center

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