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CSP‑Corcoran hosts Alarm Response Training

CSP-Corcoran alarm response training with officers and sergeants on a prison yard.
IST Manager C. Morelock gives instructions during training at CSP-Corcoran.

In-Service Training (IST) at California State Prison, Corcoran (CSP-Corcoran), hosted a reality-based Alarm Response Training on June 20. Since the Minimum Support Facility has been temporarily closed, it makes a prime training area.

Wasco State Prison (WSP) and the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) also joined the training with their newer staff in the job shadow program. The Second Watch training brought together 53 job shadow correctional officers with another 50 correctional officers, sergeants, and lieutenants from CSP-Corcoran.

Staff assigned to third watch also used the area for a second round of training.

Field training sergeants from each prison, along with IST Staff from CSP-Corcoran, made this a successful endeavor.

Training included multiple stations featuring current or recent scenarios with incarcerated actors. There were discussions and information shared. The training ended in a large scenario requiring everyone’s participation.

“This joint effort was a great success which made for an amazing meaningful training day,” said IST Manager C. Morelock. “The new job shadow officers were able to work side by side with their future partners.”

Organizers say collaborative training like this goes a long way. They also said staff was thankful for each institution to allow the training.

Submitted by Lt. Robert Clifton, AA/PIO

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