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MCSP recruiters represent at safety day

The Safety Day event with MCSP recruiters engaging with children and families.
MCSP staff help children try on some of the gear in Elk Grove.

Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) recruiters visited with families at the annual Elk Grove Regional Safety Day event in mid-June.

The MCSP Recruitment Team partnered with the prison’s Crisis Response Team (CRT) for the event.

The Safety Day, presented by the Elk Grove Police Department, gave the MCSP recruiters and CRT staff a chance to engage with the community.

The CRT Team displayed equipment for the kids and adults to check out or even try on. Meanwhile, the recruitment booth provided information promoting careers with CDCR.

A Join CDCR booth for MCSP recruiters at the safety day event.
The CDCR recruitment booth at Elk Grove.

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