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Deep Heart Tour visits Avenal State Prison

Performers with Deep Heart Tour and incarcerated participants in the background while another does a handstand.
Incarcerated audience members got in on the act with the Deep Heart Tour at Avenal State Prison.

Laughter and smiles erupted among staff and incarcerated at Avenal State Prison thanks to a special Deep Heart Tour event.

The family-run public charity Deep Heart Tour has been making a positive impact for decades.

With an expansive reach, they extend a helping hand to those most in need in a variety of settings, including prisons.

The incarcerated and staff eagerly embraced the opportunity to participate in the festivities. According to attendees, the tour’s positive messages and uplifting stories fostered a sense of togetherness within the prison walls.

As the show kicked off, it became clear that humor was the order of the day. Laughter echoed as the talented performers from the Deep Heart Tour took center stage, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to spread joy. Incarcerated individuals and staff alike found themselves swept up in the laughter.

Perhaps the most delightful surprise of the event was the sight of prison staff joining in on the dancing and entertainment.

As the tour’s final act came to an end, the echoes of laughter lingered in the air, leaving behind the knowledge that something special had occurred.

The Deep Heart Tour did far more than entertain, touching hearts and inspiring the audience.

By Lt. Jose Reyes, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

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