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CRC Visiting staff hosts back‑to‑school event

CRC Visiting hosted a back-to-school event for children and their incarcerated family members, such as this young girl drawing on a bag with her incarcerated father while her mom looks on.
Children decorated lunch bags with their incarcerated parents at CRC on Aug. 5.

California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) Visiting staff recently hosted the first “Dads & Bags” back-to-school event. On Aug. 5, while visiting their incarcerated family member, children had the opportunity to design, draw, and decorate lunch bags.

To help them prepare for the first day of school, children were also gifted various school supplies on their way out.

As part of the back-to-school event, CRC Visiting staff placed family pictures on buttons to pin on the children. According to organizers, everyone was excited, grateful, and ready to jump-start the new school year.

“I like to see events such as this one that focus on enhancing the relationships between the children, visitors, and incarcerated people. These events play a huge part in their rehabilitation and encourages them to thrive,” said CRC Warden Glen Pratt.

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