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VSP celebrates 115 with HART graduation

Valley State Prison (VSP) celebrated the Anti Recidivism Coalition’s (ARC) Hope and Redemption Team (HART) graduation on Aug. 10.

“This event encapsulates the power of rehabilitation and community support. It’s a testament to the potential for change and the strength of human spirit,” said H. Betts, VSP Community Resource Analyst.

Warden McVay stood before the assembly, offering words that stirred hearts and kindled determination. His speech urged everyone to continue growing and supporting one another. This reinforces the idea that true transformation does not stop at the prison gate. Transformation resonates within families, communities, and society at large.

The HART program’s comprehensive curriculum holds the key to unlocking redemption. HART offers rehabilitative programming, reentry support, and a myriad of skill-building opportunities. The program has worked at removing criminal behavior and addiction while nurturing healing and cultural transformation.

The graduation for the 115 inmate participants was not just about degrees. This was a manifestation of bonds formed, bridges mended, and futures rewritten. Shared meals, melodies, speeches, and the ceremony itself became the ingredients of a memory that would be etched in the hearts of all who participated. The graduation carried the promise of a brighter tomorrow. One where compassion and rehabilitation pave the way for lives reclaimed and stories rewritten.

Story by Lt. H. Gastelum, AA/PIO
Valley State Prison 

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