CDCR podcast: Grants enhance rehabilitation

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In this week’s episode of the CDCR Unlocked podcast, DRP Deputy Director Kevin Hoffman and Staff Services Manager II Nicki Singh discuss the evolution of rehabilitation grants and how community partners prepare incarcerated people for success.

The opportunities for rehabilitation in California state prisons don’t end with CDCR-staffed programs. Community-based organizations have run programs in CDCR prisons for decades, generally as volunteers or with private financial support.

Years ago, the Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) recognized the potential for community-based programs to make an even bigger impact by expanding their offerings to other institutions.

Thus began the CDCR grants program, supporting organizations providing rehabilitation programs statewide. These include programs focused on victim impact, restorative justice, and personal accountability. 

Visit DRP’s website to learn more about CDCR’s grant programs.

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