Grant Programs

Rehabilitative Investment Grants for Healing and Transformation (RIGHT) Grant

The RIGHT Grant offers funding to enhance the capacity of community-based, eligible nonprofit organizations to provide in-prison programming in CDCR institutions.

Current Request for Application (RFA)

The department is now accepting applications for the RIGHT Grant.

For further information and the link to apply, please access the RIGHT Grant Request for Application.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on November 29, 2022.

Victim Impact Grants

Victim Impact programs are victim-focused restorative justice programs provided by community-based organizations. These programs must employ restorative justice principles, have an emphasis on offender accountability, and provide opportunities for offenders to understand the impact of the harm caused by crime.

Innovative Programming Grants

Innovative Programming Grant Program offers funding to eligible nonprofit organizations to provide programs that have demonstrated success and focus on incarcerated individual’s responsibility and restorative justice principles.

California Reentry and Enrichment (CARE) Grants

CARE grants fund programs that provide insight-oriented, transformative justice programs focused on increasing empathy and accountability among participants that can demonstrate that the approach has produced, or will produce, positive outcomes in correctional environments.

Innovative Programming Video