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Would you like a great and rewarding job? DRP is hiring positions for our Office of Correctional Education (OCE)! We offer health, dental, and vision benefits, CALPERS retirement, and salary advancement opportunities. OCE is expanding education programming and needs additional staff to provide learning and training opportunities to incarcerated individuals within each prison.

We are hiring:

  • Senior Librarians, Librarians, Library Technical Assistants
  • Academic Teachers
  • Vocational Instructors

Librarian Services

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Position Overview

Library Services are offered at all institutions, providing incarcerated individuals with an extensive collection of recreational fiction and non-fiction books, as well as reference reading materials; e.g. selected periodicals, encyclopedias, selected Career Technical Education and college level textbooks, and basic literacy materials recommended by the American Library Association and the American Correctional Association. Additionally, the legal research materials in all of the libraries are offered in digital format and provide meaningful access to the courts in accord with all current court requirements. The libraries also offer materials to support incarcerated individuals rehabilitation, and include resources on employment, community reentry, and life skills.

Positions Available

View a list of Library Services Exams here.

Academic Teachers

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Position Overview

The academic teachers provide a learning environment to support the education needs of the incarcerated students. Academic programming is provided for a range of student needs, from those who cannot read or write through helping prepare them to obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent. Academic teachers provide students with interactive, relevant and high interest instruction aligned to the College and Career Readiness standards. Students’ progress at their own pace and receive individualized support within the academic classes.

Positions Available

View a list of Academic Teacher Exams here.

Vocational Instructors

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Position Overview

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors, also known as Vocational Instructors, provide training in seven different career sectors that include building and construction, energy and utilities, business and finance, information and communication technologies, fashion and interior design, manufacturing, and product development, and transportation.

Each of the 20 CTE programs provides training to industry standards, as well as industry-recognized certification. Career training options are evaluated annually based on the number of employment opportunities available annually in the trade.  Many programs include green employment skills relevant to solar, geothermal, and smart energy management practices.  

Positions Available

View a list of Vocational Instructor Exams here.

Contact OCE:

ADDRESS: 1515 S Street, 400 S
Sacramento, CA 95811

How To Apply

1. Search

There are two ways to search for a job with DRP:

  • Search for openings by clicking on the [Positions Available] button above and then clicking on the position name that you are interested in.
  • Search for openings on jobs.ca.gov by searching [Keywords] or [Classification].

2. Assessment

Once you find the job you’re interested in, you will need to take and pass the exam for the position. You can read the job’s bulletin by clicking the link on the bottom of the [Positions Available] section.

3. Apply

Once you pass the assessment, you can submit your application online through the CalCareer Account. You will need to set up an account, fill out one application (that can be used for multiple positions), and attach any other supporting documents requested. Resources