Library Services Exams

The Department holds exciting opportunities for education professionals! We have positions for Teachers and Librarians that exist within California’s Adult and/or Juvenile facilities. Our programs provide students with educational, occupational and social skills to help them function better in the facility and upon return to society.

Review the Exam Bulletins listed below. Click on a classification to view the Exam Bulletin which contains salary information, the “Minimum Qualifications” required to become eligible to take the exam, as well as “How To Apply” instructions for that exam. NOTE: “How to Apply” instructions may vary so it is important to carefully read the Exam Bulletin for the classification you are interested in

Library Services (Adult and/or Juvenile Facilities)

*Note* SA= Supplemental Application; QA= Qualifications Assessment

Exam BulletinsTesting Instrument
Library Technical Assistant (Safety)Qualifications Assessment
Senior Librarian, Correctional FacilityQualifications Assessment
Librarian, Correctional FacilityQualifications Assessment