After Prison Programs

The Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) provides comprehensive post-release rehabilitative programs and services located in communities throughout the State of California. These programs are delivered through residential, outpatient, and drop-in centers.

Residential and Live-in Programs

Residential programs for parolees are offered throughout the state. All programs provide transitional and supportive services to parolees including Substance Use Disorder Treatment, cognitive behavioral interventions, life skills, employment, education, and Reentry Recovery Housing (made available when parolees are accessing outpatient and/or other rehabilitative services).

List of available residential programs

Outpatient and Drop-in Centers

Outpatient and drop-in programs for parolees provide support in employment assistance and placement, relationships, cognitive behavioral interventions, education, Reentry Recovery Housing and vocational training.

List of available outpatient and drop-in centers