CMF incarcerated creates poster for substance abuse

California Medical Facility (CMF) incarcerated, Anthony Cook, created a poster to help the population overcome substance abuse issues. Cook is an ADA worker who hand drew this poster and hung it in the hallway.

He created the poster to help his fellow incarcerated struggling with their addictions and wanted to speak directly to them from the heart.

“I think utilizing this poster throughout the department could only help with our ongoing substance abuse issues. This provides a boost to the morale of individuals who are doing the work but are overlooked. They keep their head down and try to do right by their fellow inmates,” said Sgt. Turner.

Please visit the CDCR website for more information on how the department is helping incarcerated battle substance abuse.

Submitted by Clayborn S. Turner II, I.A.C. Executive Sgt.-At-Arms
California Medical Facility

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