Beyond the Badge, Unlocking History

Talking Unlocking History with Don Chaddock

Don Chaddock sits at a desk inside a prison looking over historic items.
Don Chaddock, editor for Inside CDCR, looks through historical records at California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo.

The CDCR Unlocked podcast takes the “unlocked” theme one step further with this episode, a conversation with Unlocking History creator Don Chaddock.

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Chaddock is the editor of Inside CDCR, CDCR’s public-facing news site.

He joined CDCR after a career in journalism, and that, combined with his love of history, made CDCR a perfect fit.

When he’s not covering the many accomplishments of employees and incarcerated people, Chaddock extensively researches the history of the department.

The Unlocking History series is the result of this extensive work, exploring the people, places and programs that helped shape corrections in California.

In this conversation, Chaddock shares why history is important to him, the interesting experiences he has had with CDCR employees and readers, and how learning about the past can help us make good choices today.

How did Unlocking History get started?

“I started in August of 2014 and had just come off of producing a very big history magazine at my previous job about the history of the town of Folsom. I had this whole magazine that I was really proud of. So my boss, Bill Enfield, read it. And then afterwards he said, ‘Hey, would you mind doing something like this for the department?’ And I thought, well, sure, why not? I knew a little bit of history from Folsom Prison since I was the editor of the Folsom Telegraph newspaper. And that’s how that got started,” Chaddock said.

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Producer: Jeff Baur, CDCR TV Director (Specialist)

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