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SATF population donates over $23k

The incarcerated population at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (SATF) raised over $23,500 for the community. The funds, raised through food sales and direct donations from the population, were distributed to various programs.

Recreation Association of Corcoran sees $11k donation

SATF staff said they were honored to donate a check of $11,091 to the Recreation Association of Corcoran (RAC). The RAC offers youth programs for the Corcoran community.

As the SATF staff members entered the Mark Twain Elementary School to present the check, they were greeted with cheers and applause from a huge group of children. Warden Bryan Phillips and SATF managers said being able to be a part of something like this simply cannot be put into words. Seeing the children’s faces made everyone’s day. Warden Phillips thanked SATF staff and the incarcerated population for making the donation possible.

This funds will provide 157 local children with scholarships to play youth sports.

Refuge Armona receives over $8k

Facilities A and B at SATF presented Refuge Armona with a check totaling $8,117. The organization, located in Armona, offers hope, refuge and assistance for the town’s youth. Armona is a very small town with a population of approximately 4,500.

The founders of Refuge, Aaron and Alyssa Haley, visited Facilities A and B in June, sharing their mission of helping youth make better life choices, regardless of their situation or living conditions.

Many of the population were moved by their words and testimony so they decided to contribute their food sale donations to Refuge. In addition to their food sales, the population also donated additional funds. The Haleys were very appreciative and will be applying these funds toward the youth of Armona.

Corcoran High School receives over $4k

The high school received three checks. One was for $1,317 for the Corcoran High School Future Farmers of America (FFA). The girls’ volleyball team received a check for $1,472, and the boys’ baseball team received a check for $1,525. All of the students, teachers, and coaches thanked Warden Phillips for the donations and said the financial help was greatly appreciated.

By Lt. Brent Urban, AA/PIO
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran

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