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PACT meeting features state senator

Parole PACT meeting with a state senator.
From left are Agents Gregory Greene, Pedro Ordonez, Shaun Weaver, Aaron Murillo, Raul Bautista, Parole Administrator Melanie Reyes, Agent Marcus Bryant, Senator Bob Archuleta, Agent Paul Heath, Unit Supervisor Jorge Robles, Agent Dana Garcia, Assistant Unit Supervisor Rodrigo Campos, and Agents Jason Rodriguez, Dwayne Hamilton, Saul Mercado, Steve Ruiz, and Joanna Diaz-Chacon.

State Senator Bob Archuleta was keynote speaker at the Parole and Community Team (PACT) meeting on Sept. 21 at the El Monte Parole District.

A state senator speaks during a parole community meeting.
Sen. Archuleta was the keynote speaker at the recent PACT meeting.

The event focused on providing recently released parolees with essential resources for successful community reintegration.

Several community resource providers attended, ready to assist individuals under parole supervision with their reintegration efforts.

PACT helps guide parolees recently released from prison with a path toward positive change.

Senator Archuleta’s talk shed light on their challenges and emphasized the potential avenues for community support.

He encouraged them to take full advantage of community resources and seek guidance from their parole agents.

The Senator’s presence underscored the shared vision for a stronger and more united community. By participating in the event, he honored the efforts of the PACT members who participated.

They include El Monte Parole District Supervisors and 17 Parole agents who dedicated their time and efforts to ensure its success.

Fifteen community resource providers attended the event. They offered numerous services including employment opportunities, child support services, housing services, Department of Rehabilitation services, and educational services.

The purpose of PACT is to create partnerships with local community resource providers and social service agencies in an effort to reduce crime and improve a parolee’s access to needed services in the community.

The PACT orientation meeting serves as a structured environment to provide parolees with all available community resources such as substance abuse treatment, transitional housing, employment services, educational/vocational training, subsistence resources such as clothing, meals, and transportation, as well as other identified resources.

“I would like to thank Senator Bob Archuleta for taking the time out of his demanding schedule to inspire our parolees, and Unit Supervisor Jorge Robles for coordinating the event,” said Melanie Reyes, Parole Administrator.

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