DJJ News Briefs, Vol. 3: October 18, 2019

DJJ Transition website and Frequently Asked Questions page launched

As you know, we’ve been logging your questions asked at a series of town hall meetings and via our dedicated transition email address,

Here is the Question of the Week:

Will my bargaining unit change?

You will remain in your current bargaining unit and be represented by your same collective bargaining groups. For example, peace officers who are part of Bargaining Unit 6 remain in BU6 when their current contact ends, July 2, 2020, and will be represented by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association in upcoming negotiations. Teachers will continue to be represented at the bargaining table by the same representation, SEIU 1000 in Bargaining Unit 3.

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Pine Grove youth knit beanies for sick kids

Pine Grove youth #1 knitting beanies for kids
Pine Grove youth #2 knitting beanies for kids
Pine Grove youth #3 knitting beanies for kids

Pine Grove youth knitting beanies for kids at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Photos and story by Claudette Perrin.

Throughout the month of October, Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp (PGYCC) educator Judy Levenson and several PGYCC youth made numerous pediatric, pet, and adult knitted beanies to donate to The Child Life Program at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. The UCD Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy department helps to minimize the anxiety of hospitalization, increase understanding and strengthen coping skills while helping children to continue their typical growth and development. Handmade items such as beanies, hats, scarves, blankets, and quilts bring comfort and peace to patients and families of all ages. UC Davis sent a list of upcoming handicrafts for the youth to work on throughout the winter months. The youth voted to make and supply 50 handmade blankets for donation in December.

The Great Headquarters Bake for a Boss event

various party sweets on a table, with a donut balloon as decoration

Photo and story by Jermica Peters.

DJJ staff carbo-loaded to commemorate Bosses Day, participating in a competitive bake-off enjoyed by HQ staff. Whether you prefer Cake Boss, Cake Wars, the Great British/American bake off shows, or just eating the glorious confections, a lot of fun was had while showing off culinary and presentation skills. The Juvenile Acceptance and Community Release Accountability team won best presentation for “Bosses Donut Get Better Than You.” Carolyn Hairston of Policy, Procedures and Regulations won Best Tasting for “Happy Hour Rum Cake.” The Grand Prize went to Policy and Regulations for “Happy Hour.” Cheers and bragging rights to the winning bosses, Chris Sanders and Craig Watson!